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Todays stuff(I ran out of ideas on the title today, lol)

I have been reticent with my blog of late, my apologies. The goal is to write something here every day, no matter how small or mundane, no matter how journal like.

Perhaps I'll start the mundane ones with Dear Journal and a time/date, lol....hmmm...I just might do that, lol. A title is often the biggest hurdle with a blog...I at times find myself getting stuck coming up with a fitting or clever title

Today's topic:


What does home mean to you?

To be home means different things for me....home is here where I live in the now, it is where I grew is the neighborhood your house or apartment is is the city you live in, it is in your future apts/houses as you live and grow. It is in the gardens you keep and the rooms you decorate. Home may even be found in the games you play and the people you meet online.

Home is with your roommate, or your parents, or your siblings, your children, etc. Home is also a feeling you may have of being with someone you love.

Home is where your things are, where you are comfortable. It is where you are safe, and sometimes you may even feel at home in an unsafe place. If you are reading this I hope your home is safe, and happy, and loving.

Home for me is where I decide it is.

The stuff, the people, the places are important yet not....

I may come back and add more to this later...I have things to do.


Sheila Pike

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