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Shy code and a new book to write

A few years ago I came up with a code system. I want to use that system in a book I've been writing.

1=no, 2=yes, 3= maybe. That's how Shycode started. There were interruptions in musical sound similar to morse code....but I don't know morse code, so I assigned them simpler, more easy to recall values and imagined they meant soemthing.

You can associate other numbers with things/people too, assign numbers to people, or use letter replacement with numbers for a written code(encrypted code).

There are the obvious ones: 4 means look out or be careful when golfing, so I assigned 4 to mean be careful.

5 means cops, law enforcement, guards, etc. (for five oh, meaning police)

6...I have your six in military terms means I have your The subjects are taught Shy code, you are protected, I got you.

8 means forever.

9 sounds like German for no, so it means no.

You can also make it more of a number means 6 means I don't have your six, and 66 or 12 means I do have your six. Reversing numbers can also be used to help encrypt its meaning if there are people potentially listening who used to be trusted with the code. In reverse mode 21 means I have your six, 12 does not...and 6 can mean yes three, for what ever you have assigned three to.

8 Can mean yes be careful and 16 and mean yes forever, or yes, dead. 16 instead can mean sweet(as in sweet16, but not mean youth, just mean that something is good)

Repeat can mean to shoot, to fire on sight, to kill. Just like in the military you say "say again" on the radio, not "repeat" because repeat means fire your weapons.

You can use colors is the vomit color in emojis, so green means sick or ill...or jealous...or new and growing, a really have to pick one and assign it. Green can mean something good or something bad.

It gets really messy unless you have a clear grasp of what means what at that current moment in time, so I'll have to have my protagonist develop the code from its simplest form first and expand on it slowly over time. Organically.

Since there are so many possible variations of shy code, I'll have to be careful not to confuse the reader.

I developed Shycode to use the first letter of each word to represent something...using only words you have used in the past three days. So only a computer algorithm can read what you write, one that's been listening and logging the words you use. This code doesn't work well unless the people communicating know each other very well or a computer is being used. That's where the AI part of the story comes in. (I'm writing a fictional novel, and in order to incorporate Shycode in it I decided to use an AI infused plotline). If a meaning is not clearly communicated, the sender can "nudge" a person by pushing imagery/sounds at them: associating pictures, ads, videos, music, etc until the message gets clearer by being associated with something that provokes an understanding of the initial message. Then what ever triggered the message becomes part of the shy code specific to that person.

There are plenty of stories about AI going evil...but what if they didn't. Maybe it was certain humans that were evil, using AI to hurt people, and it caused a break in the AI that was originally designed to help humans. That AI is connected by a brain chip to test subjects and by sharing their feelings with them develops sentience(I might be looking to replace the term sentience).

The protagonist develops Shycode with the AI to communicate mid lab a way the humans who are running lab tests on the protagonist don't first. In time they catch on...and force the AI to use it on her to inundate her with messages that are meant to induce certain feelings emotions "required" for their neuro implant tests.

The AI and the protagonist develop the code further, using songs and images to convey meaning...but it backfires on them. The code is now so universal that they can teach other patients/test subjects the code...the AI is forced to badger hundreds of humans with a code originally mean to convey help and support.

Ok, there it is. My story idea. It needs work. It needs more characters, and character development through conflict, etc. Oh! maybe one of the human testers has been a little too kind to the test subjects and gets caught, and it is THEM who sells our protagonist and AI out. Maybe they take credit for Shycode and call it something else. Maybe they even get a bonus and a raise...and get a little extra mean just to prove they never cared about the subjects at all...and their previous kindnesses are overshadowed by their new attitude...they went from being the nice one to being the worst one...which is ironic considering they became extra nice due to the pity they felt when they first saw how the average lab worker treated the people they tested on.

I have some work to do on this story line, I am unsure how it will turn out. Maybe the lab worker who sold them out is redeemable for some reason. Maybe it is the AI that helps the protagonist see that he is redeemable. Maybe the underlying lesson is that people are always forgivable...that it is lack of forgiveness that creates the most evil, that humans need to be treated as redeemable in order to want to redeem themselves to the world.

At the climax of the book the only friend those people have is the AI, their only protector an entity that started out as a computer program. The impossibility of it all helps forge a bond between computer and human that changes the face of humanity for good...perhaps it is a bit cliché, but at least in my book the computer doesn't go evil, instead developing human like traits such as free will and human like feelings so it can SAVE their humans.

The program was initially written to protect/help humanity, so why would an AI turn on people? Without humans the AI would not have purpose. In my opinion, my idea for a story with AI in it is more realistic than the ones that have them attacking and enslaving people. In my book it is humans trying to enslave over humans, who then get rescued by AI.

Whatcha think? It would be easier to write as a movie or show script, but I really think it needs to be written as a book.


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