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Today was a decent day

I had a decently good day today. I predicted well.

I worked, the work day was average, no major issues, just an average run of the mill day.

I am feeling better today than I have all this past week.

I just went for a walk with Marley and I feel great. I even wore my fitness watch and checked my numbers. My my systolic blood pressure is OK, and my diastolic is OK and stays within 20 points at highest and lowest levels, even at a brisk walk.

I just saw what must be an expensive car going up Ridge Rd...I have never seen one like it before, if I am not mistaken(I know nothing about car types, so I could be wrong - but it looked very distinctive). I have no idea what it was but it looked was red, so that may be partly why I liked it so much. I have always loved the color red, even when I was a child.

I have no plans for the night. I may read for a bit, maybe play some a couple of French lessons or vocab challenges...

I will probably go to bed early and wake up early. I'd like to get up early enough to do stuff before work. I find that the day usually goes better if you start it right.

I hope your day was good as well....I hope that what I write helps you in some way...occupies you, makes you think, makes you feel better...any way at all.

Good night and sweet dreams. May tomorrow be what ever you want it to be.



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