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The Sunday Mundane

I haven't written in days, so I thought I'd catch you up.

It was a quiet and uneventful weekend. I tidied a bit, organized some, gamed and read a little. I went grocery shopping and bought mostly healthy stuff(go me!)

I just finished a late dessert of fruit and berries.

What else can I tell you....Oh! I finally decided to get rid of some older electronics, clothes, etc. A few old computers and a printer I haven't used in years. I am getting more and more storage space back every day off. Progress that is slow is still progress, and I encourage you to do as I am - tackle that one thing you have been putting off by doing a little of it on a regular basis - for me that is each day off and on some work days. I have too much stuff and I don't want to just throw it all out, so I am paring it down, a little bit at a time.

I am keeping enough for hobbying, which I will get back into once I have the space and time. That time I spend on paring down will go towards hobbies when I am done.

I even convinced my roommate to get rid of some of his old unused stuff today

The best part of having less stuff is that the place is getting easier to keep up.

Health-wise, I have been feeling decent, no major issues at all. My breathing has been great for a while now.

I wear a health watch and use urine test strips, which all indicate that I am healthy. I exercise, but not strenuously. I don't drink alcohol, take any recreational or prescription drugs, consume caffeine, or even drink carbonated beverages. I avoid fatty foods and limit salt and sugar intake. I don't use processed sugar like white or brown sugar at all.

OOOH! I started an RRSP last week. I am kind of proud of it. I had one years ago and regretted cashing it out. This one I'll keep paying into. I also maintain a savings now, and don't live check to check anymore at all. It might not seem like much, but It's a big deal to me. I've worked on my savings this past year and wish I had started this years ago. It is never too late to start saving.

Anyhow, I am off to walk the dog. I love going for those walks and as an added bonus it is healthy for both of us.

Take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

<3 I hope you have the sweetest of dreams that leave you smiling all day long <3

Light, love, and prosperity,


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