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The Morning Mundane

Good morning everyone.

It is Tuesday morning, the first day back from my little four day break. I begin work at 9:30AM today and end at 6:30 AM.

Where do I work? I work from home -I talk on the phones for a contact-center full time. I can't tell you much about it due to compliance policies/contract agreements though.

In todays news:

I am giving up coffee, possibly all caffeine but for the teeny amount one would find in chocolate. Are we always this tired without coffee or have we just grown so accustomed to the morning beverage that we feel more awake without it? I don't miss the increased heart rate, but I do miss the clear headed-ness it helps provide.

I love the feeling of waking up to a hot coffee or tea, with a little phone time or reading. It feels like a good start to the day. Instead, I sit here drinking a hot chocolate and writing to you...fighting off the morning fog by sheer force of will.

What can I say, I am a work in progress. Aren't we all though? In reality that never changes. We are always working on ourselves, whether we realize it or not.

Last year I gave up drinking. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I felt it was in my best interests. I had leaned on it in rough times a tad too much and I wasn't comfortable with where I felt that usage was headed. I can still enjoy a casual glass of wine with supper, but I probably wouldn't. I won't drink for fun any more though. That part of me is in the past.

With a little luck and a bunch of work, lets see if I can find that clarity on my own without the coffee, just like I grew accustomed to dealing with rough times without inebriation.

Perhaps yoga will help. Id love to get back into yoga.

I hope this post finds you well. May your day be clear and filled with light.

Much love,


PS. Here is a photo of Marley I took just now- he looks so tired I thought it fitting for this blog post. Poor pupper - he looks so dopey this morning. It is partly due to his age, I guess. In dog years he's probably much older than me - he turned 10 this year. He is still very spry and active for his age, so I think he has more years in him yet. There are some days he still acts like a puppy <3 .

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