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I got a new camera!

No more blurry vid/pics/ least not with this sucker. It shows everything.

It's a good thing though. While filters and air brushing looks good, is fun, and sometimes is good for your self esteem it is also important to be comfortable with who you are. With what you really look like unfiltered.

Even if you have some minor dental issues. And I have those. It's OK though. It's not terrible, and I'm ok with it. I am more focused on being healthy than looking good. One day I may repair them better that I already have. I've had some dental work done, but more for health reasons. The cosmetic stuff isn't as important to me so it can wait. Dental care is important for both reasons.

My mother and father both wear dentures, and theres no shame in that. I have several post, cores, and crowns in the front upper of my mouth, am missing some of my back teeth, and have a partial plate. One crown is a temp that comes out and makes a gap in my front right upper. I replace it regularly. My advice to you? Take care of them while you have them, and if you have/get dental issues don't be so ashamed that you let it change how you live. It will be a long time(years)before I can afford to finish my dental work, so I had enough dental work done years ago that I can be healthy and happy with myself in the meantime.

It's ok to not be perfect. It's also ok to improve yourself. Some vanity is healthy if not excessive. Just remember to be true to yourself. It's ok if you don't blend in.

One odd thing I have noticed over the years...when your flaws helps keep those you encounter honest. It sometimes keeps the fake friends away and filters out those who don't honestly like who you are. Of's natural to react to a flaw, it's only human. But those that don't get too hung up on your flaws? They're keepers. Treat them well. They are rare. The other ones aren't throwaways...but perhaps it's best to keep them at arms length if they can't like you for you. Maybe someday they'll change. It is important to give people a chance to change.

As for me?

I'm doing well. More than OK. I'm working, saving up my money, organizing my stuff, and working on improving myself in small ways every day. We are all works of unfinished art...there is no perfection.

Perfection is an ideal to aspire to to keep us from stagnating as people. Find your happiness first and keep it....then strive for improvement only when it does not overly impede your happiness.

In other news...I've been doing a lot of thinking and there are two important things I want to write about:

  1. What the ideal society looks thats happy, well organized, efficient, and safe, yet not too restrictive.

  2. My autobiography. I want to tell my life's story...leaving out some stuff of course...but I would like to write about me.

I hope you have an amazing day.

May you be the light for those you encounter

Much love,


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