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Happy sunday!

Its me again! Good morning, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I've been in a bit of a writing slump as of late. I may actually update my story soon though.

I have a day off today so I want to make the best of it.

Daily goals:

  • Organize

  • Write something

  • Play some WoW. I've been paying for it and I'd really like to get a toon to max lvl

  • Decide if I should stream WoW. I'm ok if no one shows up, but what if they do? Knowing me I would likely get so lost in the WoWing that I'd do something unforgettably embarrasing. On camera. In front of real people. Gah.

  • Bake a nice sunday dinner. Maybe watch a show with the roomie. He hasn't been feeling the best and could use some cheering up.

  • Sew something. I've been putting it off because my sewing machine has been breaking needles. It's time to sort out why.

  • Read. This series is fantabulous. I'm on book 4 and it just keeps getting better & better. (Blood and Ash series by Jennifer Armentrout)

  • Cross an item or two off this list. It's probably too much for one day. I have tomorrow off as well. Some stuff can wait until tomorrow.


Token picture. This is where I work/game/stream.

Be the light etc.

Much love,


Ps. I'm still not writing the after thought ps'es, pps'es, etc. Wish I could tell you all why.

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