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Good night, sweet start to a new book enclosed. (rights reserved)

I forgot to write to you today, so I thought I would stop in and wish you a good night.

I also think I have the setting of my first chapter of my new book:

The protagonist is walking, gasping for air into fast track at the Health Sciences hospital. She sits down, where indicated by the orderly and pulls the curtain around her for privacy. I'll insert some emotional backdrop and backstory here, as well as some vivid imagery. Then instead of the expected doctor a main character steps in, entering the scene for the first time. It is a nurse practitioner and he is a man. An overly attractive man, so out of place that she does a double take. She knew most every one that worked in that ER, she was in and out of it so frequently. He was new, and clearly not from around there.

It's inspired by a true event, but complete fiction. I ran into a nurse like that once...and the description of how hospitals and that ER work come from my own personal experience.

The fictional part? The aliens. What comes next.

Chapter one to be written over the next week. I'm going to hold myself accountable to this promise...I finally have a book I really want to write...the story has been forming in my mind over the past few weeks and I am eager to get in down "on paper"(so to speak).

It is a story about a girl with a chronic lung disease that is incurable and destroying her life, and the alien who risks it all to save her, curing her against the rules. It is the story of how their relationship forms as he secretly helps her beat seemingly impossible odds, forever changing the course of history for earthlings in the process. His developing love for her leads to leaked alien tech and other healthcare related science that were never meant to get in the hands of earth-humans. The aliens had a rule, very like the one we use for camping... leave no trace behind...they wanted it so that the earthlings didn't even know they had visited.....

Until next time, sweet dreams. Be the light...and remember to both hold yourself accountable and forgive yourself. If you made a mistake, it is OK to get over it, as long as you let it teach you to not make the same mistake again.

Love, Sheila


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