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Good morning!

I am writing from bed today. This is my view.

It has occurred to me that I haven't written in a while so here we are.

In bed, still in pjs. Writing.

I will soon get up and take the dog out for a pee.

Until then you have my partially divided attention.

Goals for today:

  • Dremel the dog's nails

  • Organize some storage room stuff. I want to get a soldering and sewing station set up. It is far too chaotic in the storage room right now.

  • Start some more seedlings. Plants are good for the air AND the feng shui

  • Read. I'm knees deep in a fantastic series by Jennifer Armentrout and I'm eager to see what happens next

  • Game. It's healthy to game, in moderation, and I haven't been gaming much lately

  • Stream. If I get the nerve up. I have this dual fear that no one will show up AND that people will show up. Maybe one day I'll get over that

Side note: I just looked up feng shui. There are a lot of do's and don'ts. No books in the room? That sounds terrible. Separate work space and rest space? Oopsie....

Declutter, tidy, and organise? Now THAT I can get behind. There's something about an aesthetically tidy room that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

That reminds me of something...warm-fuzzies and cold-pricklies. I was in grade four. My school ran this wonderful campaign to teach students about feelings...your own and minding that of others.

A warm-fuzzy is something that makes you feel know that warm soft, gooey feeling you get in your chest? The one that feels akin to love...THAT is what a warm-fuzzy feels like. You can both give and feel a warm-fuzzy. As children they taught us how to send warm-fuzzies...and they taught us to avoid cold-pricklies.

Cold-pricklies are the bad feelings you get when someone says or does something that leads you to not feeling so nice. The kind that can leave you with a cold, clammy, or nasty feeling in the pit of your stomach. It feels like a bad back or a betrayal. It is what an insult feels like.

A warm-fuzzy feels like a warm and welcome satisfying hug...the kind that leaves you feeling good for the rest of the day. You know the kind I mean.

Moral of the story? Dont send cold know what they feel like. They make the world a worse place to live for everyone. They cause war and strife. They cause negative reactions...and most of all they leave you feeling terrible.

Try not to take purposeful cold-pricklies to heart. Dont feed the trolls; it trains them to think they'll be rewarded for trolling. Reward the warm-fuzzies instead. Respond to what you want more of.

Mind the feelings of others, even when you get nothing from it. It's important, more than you know.

Send a warm fuzzy today, even if you get nothing from it.

Even if you are only/mostly driven to what you can personally gain from, I assure you that you will gain more from a warm-fuzzy than a cold-prickly.

Be kind. Be warm Be the light.

Take care of yourself............

Much love and stuff...


Ps. Maybe I'll start writing the after thoughts here again. I used to write these letters with them at the end and it made things kinda awkward and confusing. I will reinvent them!

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