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Do I start this with a dear journal?

I am getting into the habit of writing everyday, no matter how mundane, so prepare to hear about my day to day.

I want to write some about my streams, stories, etc too, but I'll (re-)start with this.

Today is my last of four days off work(I took two days off adjacent to my regular days off), and I'm spending part of it in the back yard with my dog Marley, watching an interactive streamer on Twitch and writing to you(Sleepypan). I'll probably read for a bit too.

I am currently reading the Eyes of Tamburah. Its pretty good so far. It's a good change up from the smuttier books I have read most recently. I have had a hard time finding a truly good book to read. A word of caution...If you read one or two of those smutty romances your online book suggestions ALL change, lol. There's nothing wrong with a good romance for an indulgence, but I prefer sci-fi and fantasy without the smut and with better writing than some of the smutty stuff offers. (some are fairly well written, tbh, but I still prefer the non smutty variety)

In gaming:

-I play the scattered game of Hearthstone(battlegrounds- I haven't played standard seriously in years. I don't much enjoy arena, and I haven't played much of the other modes.)

-I am FINALLY playing through a toon in FFXIV online. I DID NOT realize it was a game meant for adult audiences, lol. It's a pretty good game, with or without the adult content(I don't enjoy the racier kind of role playing adults get into online, but that stuff isn't very visible, so its NBD). Some of the more adult questlines are funny though. I am leveling a toon with my friend Alys who is currently on vacation, so I have placed the game on pause for the time being. I HAVE gotten my fishing to almost lvl 90 though, so I may finish that before she gets back. It's been fun to stream it with her. No matter how bad I am at streaming, lol. (Hey, I'm learning, lol. If you want check it out feel free to come by and hang out.

-WoW I have not played a full expansion of World of Warcraft in a while, I bought the last two epansions but have yet to level a toon to max level during the expac. I am working on that now too. I have curated a decent pet collection and want to get the pets I've missed out on getting over the past few years, so I'll likely focus on that first.

All in all it has been a relaxing yet semi-productive day. I got some organizing and cleaning done, showered, bathed and brushed the dog(he could use some more brushing, lol, he's shedding a lot).

Anyhow, I hope this post finds you well. Thanks for reading

Sheila Pike

Ps. I have been working on a new story. I'll post more when I have a chapter to share with you.

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