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Welcome to my home away from home, my sanctuary, if you will.  

My place to vent, to write, to create....a platform from which to share my ideas, thoughts, and stories with you.

Have you ever heard the phrase "may you live in interesting times?" life has been interesting.  I have had a lot to inspire me.  

I find my inspiration everywhere I look, from the exciting to the mundane.

As I walk, I think. And I love to walk. I write my stories one piece at a time.  

I wish you could hear me as I walk-if I had a podcast, I would call it "Shy Radio", and it would be mostly just me, walking and thinking out loud, pondering and theorizing.  

Feel free to look around. Remember-this is a work in progress.  Just as life has us constantly improving ourselves through experience, my site will be improving as well.  

Much love,


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Dear Journal Nov 2nd 2023

Hi, I haven't written nor streamed in a while -it has been an unenjoyable, miserable past month. That burn on my hand from the boiling...

Dear journal - Entry 1

Today is the last day of four days off and I am proud to say that I went nowhere and did very little. I tidied up some, I played some...

Shy code and a new book to write

A few years ago I came up with a code system. I want to use that system in a book I've been writing. 1=no, 2=yes, 3= maybe. That's how...

Good evening

Hi. I don't have much to say right now, but I wanted to stop in and say hey. I hope you had a fabulous day, and an even better night....

The Sunday Mundane

I haven't written in days, so I thought I'd catch you up. It was a quiet and uneventful weekend. I tidied a bit, organized some, gamed...

Today was a decent day

I had a decently good day today. I predicted well. I worked, the work day was average, no major issues, just an average run of the mill...

Good morning

I am lying in bed writing to you, with the remnants of an odd dream still lingering, clinging to the edges of my consciousness. I want to...

Writers block

I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen. I have a touch of writer's block at the moment but have chosen to power through it. ...

Weekly entry #. March 25th, 2023.

I'm trying something new-weekly posts. Fingers crossed I remember to follow through. Me update of the week: its been an average week:...

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Much of what you will read on this site is fiction. I also write nonfiction and fiction based on nonfiction.  

My published creative writing stories are fiction, untruths if you will.  If it matches your truth, it is purely coincidental. Any likeness to real people or events is inadvertent and coincidental.  

Some of my stories are based on my actual experiences. As such names, places, and personally identifiable information have been changed and/or obscured to protect identities and privacy.

If you find yourself in one of my stories, and wish to be excluded, please contact me and we will talk about it.  I will strive to make every attempt to be fair, and will follow all applicable laws to the best of my ability.  

Any analytics or other information gathered via this site will be protected, to the best of my abilities, as required by all applicable laws.  

Be the light. 

© All rights reserved. No portion of this website or it's contents may be duplicated, copied, or republished without explicit permission, per applicable laws.  

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Shy Publications, PO BOX 99900 HW 344 324 RPO MACDONALD DRIVE, ST. JOHN'S, NL, A1A 0P4

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